Finding the right tax preparer

Now that it’s income tax season, many people are wondering how they will get their taxes done on time. Your best two choices are: do it yourself or get a professional tax preparer to file your taxes on your behalf. If you choose to do it yourself, get a book that will guide you through the process or buy good quality software to help you file your taxes. One caveat: If you decide to use software, make sure your computer has up to date security systems as well as current patches for all your programs. You don’t want to be the victim of identity theft.

If you have a complex situation in terms of income or taxes, or if you don’t feel life doing your taxes yourself, find a good income tax preparer. Your friends and family might have someone they trust. Look for someone with expensive experience in the industry, a good track record with the Better Business Bureau and past customers, and a professional office or business. Find someone you feel comfortable with. If you have an unusual situation – you are self-employed, for example, or you invest in real estate as well as earn income – find someone with specific expertise in these areas.

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