Refinancing your mortgage: should you do it?

Refinancing your mortgage generally means changing the terms or the interest rate of your home loan. Usually, this is done by taking out a new home loan. There are many reasons why you might want to consider a new mortgage:
You did not research your options carefully the first time around. If you did not carefully consider which mortgage is right for you and did not go out of your way to find the lowest interest rate possible, you may be paying more for your home loan than you intended. By doing research now, you can make better choices with refinancing.
Your financial life has changed. If you have repaired your credit, paid off some underscored loans and personal loans, you may be able to qualify for a better mortgage or pay off your mortgage more quickly. Or, you may be struggling to make your mortgage payments. In either case, changing your mortgage can help you.
You qualify for a lower interest rate. Some people take on bad credit loans when applying for a mortgage because bad credit home loans are the only mortgage they qualify for. If you have a bad credit mortgage, you will want to seek refinancing once your credit rating improves and you qualify for a better rate.…